Well, what an astonishing reaction to the new one-off episode of Goodnight Sweetheart. We could never have dreamed that we would be overwhelmed by such a positive response, with hundreds of emails, text messages and tweets asking us whether we are going to continue the story of the most bizarre life of Gary Sparrow. Even the Controller of Comedy at the BBC described the reaction to the programme as “extraordinary”.

So where does Gary Sparrow go from here? After 17 years he has by a freak of physics found his way back to the future and it isn’t a place in which he feels comfortable. When we were writing this first chapter of the new Goodnight Sweetheart we didn’t fully¬†realise just how much the world had changed since 1999, when Gary last visited. Indeed, there have been greater changes between 1999 and 2016 than there were between 1993 and 1940, when Gary first realised he was possessed of the gift of time travel.

If the BBC ask us to write a new series we shall have to consider the many problems – or “issues” as they are now referred to – that will face Gary Sparrow. Each day the Beatles’ fame draws ever closer; in the future Gary must come to terms with the daughter he never knew he had. We have much to ponder and ponder we shall once we get the “go ahead” from the BBC.

These could be exciting times for all you Goodnight Sweetheart fans out there (or “Sweeties” as many like to be known), and for us too, sitting writing new adventures in which¬†Gary and his friends will be involved.

Let us leave you with an enormous and hearty thank you for being such an enthusiastic audience and let us hope that 2017 offers you more of what it is clear that you want.