'TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY (unless you're an Arsenal fan)

So 2012 is drawing to an end. Has anyone out there noticed how many people are starting their sentences with “so”, as if they’re completing a thought rather than beginning one? It happens annoyingly often (we know that’s a split infinitive but they’re allowed now) on the Today Programme on Radio 4. John Humphrys says “Tell me Minister, why has the economy failed to improve despite all your efforts?” The minister says “So in 2008 the last government failed to deal with the deficit…etc.” It so makes us want to scream – another incorrect use of that overworked little word. It’s like so gross.

As you can see, we’ve turned into grumpy old pedants, so perhaps it’s just as well we’re coming up to the Christmas break. Instead of toiling nearly three hours a day to bring you sunshine, we’ll be trying  to watch fifty movies in twenty days in order to vote for the BAFTA awards. It sounds like fun, until you have to struggle through five children’s animated adventures at a sitting.

Happily for all of us there is a delightful prospect around the corner. Our musical, Save The Last Dance For Me, starts its second tour next month, opening at Dartford on JAnuary 16, and then going on to Newcastle, Derby, Aberdeen and beyond. The show will visits all parts of the realm on an extended tour, so theres really no excuse for missing it. As if. (There’s another one!) More information at