Dreamboats – The Saga Continues

Our newest musical, Dreamboats and Miniskirts, opened in August, but we have been so busy this is the first chance we have had to blog about it. The more astute among you will have guessed that this is the second instalment of the Dreamboats saga, to be succeeded at five-yearly intervals by Dreamboats and Kaftans, Dreamboats and Hot Pants, Dreamboats and Safety Pins, and Dreamboats and Shoulder Pads. Or perhaps not.

Miniskirts moves the story on to the era of rhythm and blues, Ready Steady Go, The Beatles, and of course miniskirts. The music reflects the changes that swept through the country as the Merseybeat exploded out of Liverpool to take over Britain and then the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, back in Hornchurch, Essex, the characters you loved in Dreamboats and Petticoats (you must have loved them, we sold over a million tickets) are a little bit older and a teeny bit wiser. Bobby and Laura are together now, sort of; Ray and Donna are together now, sort of; only bad-girl Sue and heartthrob Norman have actually grown up, tied the knot, and made a baby.

Bobby and Laura are still pursuing their musical dreams, but suddenly their sound seems very old fashioned. Can they make it musically? Can they make it romantically? Buy a ticket and find out, for God’s sake! is the place to go for a list of venues and to book tickets. We’ve managed to include many of our favourite songs of the 60s, including Twist and Shout, House of the Rising Sun, You Really Got A Hold On Me, Louie Louie, and Oh, Pretty Woman,  so you’re guaranteed a groovy night out. All the music is played and sun live, of course, so put on your miniskirts and your mohair slacks and relive your or somebody else’s youth.