We hope that it’s not too late to mention that Laurence is to take the stage as a guest at this week’s Soho Literary Festival. He is appearing at The Soho Theatre 21 Dean Street London W1D 3NE, at 2pm on Friday, September 27.

The one-hour session is billed thus: “Laurence Marks, with Maurice Gran, wrote some of the great TV shows of the last two decades, including Shine on Harvey Moon, The New Statesman, Birds of a Feather and Goodnight Sweetheart. The BAFTA award-winning screenwriter will talk to Louis Barfe, author of Turned Out Nice Again: The Story of British Light Entertainment, about his transfer from journalism to script-writing – and what lies behind a great sitcom.”

No doubt the conversation will turn to our new and up-and-coming series of Birds of a Feather, and what made us wish to return to the small screen after over a decade away. Laurence will also be asked about Goodnight Sweetheart, and why he thought it would be suitable for musical theatre.

Having taken the stage at the Hay Literary Festival this summer, it will be good to return to Soho, the scene of so many of Maurice and Laurence’s early adventures. And Laurence hopes to meet many in the audience afterwards. It is pleasing to find that comedy is now seen to be a suitable subject for literary festivals, and Laurence is excited at the thought that he will be surrounded by such august authors as Claire Tomalin, Lionel Shriver, and David Kynaston.

Clearly it is becoming recognised that laughter can offer as much as serious fiction and non fiction, and when done well can make millions very happy indeed. But this is something worth discussion down in the heart of Soho this Friday afternoon.