I think it only right of us to thank all of you who have written about Goodnight Sweetheart. Do you know that next month sees the 20th anniversary of the show’s first transmission. Gary Sparrow was unknown to us all back then, but it would appear that he has penetrated the imagination of so many of you.

Each week we receive dozens of emails from GS fans – or ‘Sweeties’ as we think they should be called – asking us if there is to be any more television episodes, or even a one-off special. Well, there are no plans to bring the show back to the screen, unless you deluge the BBC pleading for its return, although, as we have said, there is to be a stage musical. We just don’t know quite when, but it wouldn’t it be lovely to think it could be in 2014.

Myriad ideas have been suggested to us as to where Gary can ‘time travel’ next, or what he might be doing now that we have all moved on 14 years since he was last seen, locked in the East End on VE Night (May 1945). And we read these suggestions with interest and fascination. We suppose if it was 1945 in 1999 – if you follow what we mean – it would now be 1959 wherever Gary was. So what was happening in Britain in 1959 that would give us a brilliant episode?

We know that Harold Macmillan (he was our Prime Minister) was telling us that we had “never had it so good”, but I wonder whether that applied to Gary and Phoebe? What we know is that there is to be a anniversary celebration book of Goodnight Sweetheart, and this can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

Meanwhile, we shall consult Gary Sparrow, if we can find him, and ask him just what ever happened to him. We promise to let you know.