Courses For Horses…Or Writers


Fans of our shows have recently been writing to ask myriad questions about how we go about writing together and how we found success? Is it possible for us to pass that success on to new writers? We believe that we can only do our best, but guarantee that you will have enormous fun discovering whether you can follow in our footsteps. So may we let you know that we are delivering two week-long Masterclasses during the summer that you may wish to attend.

From June 29 to July 6 Laurence will be giving a screen and stagewriting course at the magnificent Watermill in Posara, Tuscany, where every day in the beautiful, hot and inspiring Italian countryside he will take those on the course through all the rudiments of writing for the large and small screen, and the stage too, from embyonic idea to execution of the script, and where then to sell it. The lectures will be illustrated with films each evening, as well as episodes from our own work.

More details of this course can be found at

Then just over a month later, from August 12 to August 17, both of us will be running a comedy writing course at the Arvon Foundation, Totleigh Barton, Devon. This is the first we have delivered for the Arvon Foundation in a decade and we are looking forward to it enormously. We can guarantee that should you find a place on our course you will leave Devon a far better comedy writer than when you arrived. More details can be found at

So we may well have the opportunity to meet and teach those of you who have written to us this year, asking about The New Statesman, Birds of a Feather, and particularly Goodnight Sweetheart.

It will be as much fun for us as it will be for you.