All right, we know it’s March, but we’ve been extraordinarily busy. First of all there were all those Christmas presents to return to get money. Then we had to tinker with the Birds of a Feather stage play, which has just started a new fourteen date tour. We saw it in Coventry last week – it was a blast. The theatre was full of hysterical women of a certain weight and width – plus the usual sprinkling of gay men. Here’s a link to see if it’s coming to a theatre near you.

Even more exciting; we’ve also written the first script of a proposed new TV series of Birds. We’d normally not blog about such a thing until we get a green light from the Beeb, but as Linda, Pauline and Lesley have been on every daytime TV show talking about how wonderful the script is, we may as well own up to it.

On the musical front, Save The Last Dance For Me is also back on a year long tour, with a new cast, plus some new songs and dance routines. More information as to venues can be located at  We saw it one snowy January night in Dartford, whose intrepid and enthusiastic denizens turned out in numbers despite the cold. Bless them all. We love you.

Currently we’re reworking Goodnight Sweetheart into a stage musical, featuring some of the wonderfully evocative songs of the 1940s, and even more of the great songs of the Eighties and Nineties (the “present day” of the show). With a little bit of luck and lots of crossed fingers, Sweetheart should make it onto the stage within the year – which sounds like a long time, but isn’t really. In the meantime, diehard Swetheart fans might be pleased to know there are plans afoot to bring out a Goodnight Sweeheart Companion – a book to answer every possible question you might have about the strange and mysterious world of Gary Sparrow.

Other than that we’ve been sitting around watching the world go by.

You won’t have to wait another three months for our next blog. We intend to keep you right up to date with what is happening at this end.