So it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Have you noticed how many people have started using “So” at the start of a sentence, as if they’re completing a thought rather than commencing one? It seems to happen most often on Radio 4’s Today programme. John Humphrys will say somethihg like “Minister, your government has completely failed to turn the economy around.” (Have you also noticed how the Today programme interviewers always use statements as if they were questions?) The minister replies “So the previous government totally failed to come to grips with the banking crisis…” etcetera. It makes us so not impressed.

Clearly we’ve turned into grumpy old pedants, so it’s just as well that the season of good cheer is on hand. For the next few weeks we will desist from our toils – three or four hours a day dedicated to your entertainment. Instead we will be spending ten hours a day trying to keep up with an avalanche of movies, in order to vote in the BAFTA film awards. You may envy us the job of watching unreleased masterpieces. As if. (Another phrase we love. Not.) Most of the DVD screeners we’ve received seem to be second rate animations aimed at ten year old children and/or American teenagers.

However, there is a twinkling star on the horizon. Next month our musical, Save The Last Dance For Me goes back on national tour, bigger and better than before. There’ll be up to forty dates, so there’s no excuse to miss it. We open at Delicious Dartford on January 16, then move on to Knock-out Newcastle, Delectable Derby, Amazing Aberdeen, Exciting Edinburgh and Wombleful Wimbledon. More information at

Happy Holidays!