Joining the twitterati

Our esteemed webmeister, David Hills, tells us it’s a good idea for us to start tweeting. He reckons we can tweet to the world that we have a website, and web to the world that we are on twitter. In this way we can build an army of followers to whom we can then sell stuff like our new “no laugh no fee” comedy insurance, designed to protect viewers from TV shows too concerned with seeming cool to remember to be funny.

Maurice is the first to dip his toe in the tweet-water, which is ironic as he has just had a toe operation and has to elevate his foot for the next fortnight. He is tweeting as @mauricegran, and is already closing on Stephen Fry, who only has five million more followers.

Our fan base is bound to explode, one way or another, since our appearance on More4’s Jews At Ten last night. This is a sort of “after-party”, following Jewish Mother Of The Year on C4 (hence the picture above of prototype Jewish mother). It’s always enlightening to watch yourselves on one of these cheap talking heads shows; it’s a salutary reminder that some people are born with good faces for radio. Jews At Ten returns next Tuesday. Watch if you dare.