Thanks to everyone who has visited our website. We were a bit worried we’d be the only ones! We’re going to try and blog pretty regularly – whenever we’ve got something to say, and sometimes when we haven’t.

We’ve just had one of those weeks that writers live for; lots of exciting meetings and almost no actual writing. We had lunch with a leading theatre director to discuss adapting our radio play, Love Me Do for the stage. We had coffee with Ricky Gervais, to pick his brain about turning one of our UK TV series into a mega American hit.

Then we had cocktails with Baroness Joan Bakewell, and dinner with Lord Michael Dobbs – two writer friends who’ve both been elevated to the House of Lords. We know what you’re wondering; when are Marks and Gran going to appear in the Honours List? We’d like to know, too.

On our way home from the House of Lords we passed Wyndham’s Theatre, where Dreamboats opens tomorrow. (Cut price previews all week!) The theatre is almost completely covered in posters. To say we’re excited would be an understatement.