Dreamboats and petticoats returns to the west end

We were thrilled to receive a phone call from the producers of Dreamboats and Petticoats telling us the show was returning to the West End from October 16, because Wyndham’s Theatre, one of the best locations in the West End, was suddenly available for ten weeks.

Dreamboats had a very successful run at the Playhouse Theatre, London, ending in the summer when for some inexplicable reason (the Olympics) people were staying indoors watching the telly. Autumn is traditionally the time of year when theatre goers start to venture out again, so we’re hoping for a good run.

We don’t yet know the cast for the new production. Luckily, Dreamboats has also been touring the country for the best part of four years, (currently touring until the end of November) and there is a reservoir of talented ex-Dreamboats actors and musicians to draw upon.

Tickets are available from the usual agencies, of course, as well as the theatre box office. Just mention our names. You probably won’t get a discount, but we liked being talked about.